Yellow Cab Airport Taxi Services:

Yellow Cab Utah is serving the Salt Lake International Airport. Curbside 9A is the only place to get transparent rates 24/7. Be cautious about other "taxi service" providers, and make sure they have a meter instead of a guess on price.

Taxi and Black Car Luxury Services at the airport just got a whole lot better!

When leaving the airport and stepping out to the curb, turn right and walk down to our booth and staging areas at 9A. You can catch a taxi or black car service and go in style. Taxis and Black Cars are always the same rates for you!

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Airport ADA Services

Downstairs at 9A

ADA taxi services without the price headache! If an ADA isnt staged check in with our staff at the booth to get one pulled up in minutes. ADA services rated at $2.50 flag drop and $2.50/mile. $15.00 load/unload fee also applies.

Yellow Cab Meter Rates

Rates    City  Airport   ADA  Moving   +Bike
Flag $2.50 $5.00 $2.50 $2.50 $2.50
/Mile $2.30 $2.70 $2.50 $2.30 $2.30
Extras Airport:

What in the heck is a $23.00 minimum zone charge?

The Salt Lake International Airport zone has 2 prices to consider. The drivers will always start their meters when they pick you up. If the meter runs over $23.00 you just pay the metered rate. If its a shorter trip just pay the driver the $23.00 minimum for the zone. Easy peasy.

Rate examples - including flat rates and metered fares

Besides the metered rates of a taxi service, we also have minimum zones designed by the city to ensure an expected cost for travelers who are not informed what a standard taxi rate should cost in our local market. With the minimum zones everyone can relax and pay the city's preferred rates to travelers. You can get more information about our city zone price map here.

Downtown Hotels and Conventions

To or From the airport, up to 5 passengers per vehicle: City Flat Rates apply and posted at our booth.

  • Crystal Inn: Flat Rate $27.00
  • Salt Palace: Flat Rate $27.00
  • Little America: Flat Rate $27.00
  • University Marriott: Flat Rate $35.00

SkiUtah Destinations

To or From the airport, up to 5 passengers per vehicle. We run the meter for your convenience.

  • Park City: Averages $115.00
  • Deer Valley: Averages $130.00
  • Solitude Brighton: Averages $100.00
  • Alta Snowbird: Averages $100.00

Utah Destinations

To or From the airport, up to 5 passengers per vehicle.We run the meter for your convenience.

  • Lagoon: Averages $60.00
  • Hogle Zoo: Averages $40.00
  • Olympic Oval in Kearns: Averages $50.00

We Need Professional Independent Contractor Drivers!

Did you know taxi drivers can easily make over $100K annually?

If you're a seasoned professional driver, or just a taxi driver at heart, come give us a try. Our independent drivers all earn a high wage for their work compared with Uber and Lyft. If you're tired of sharing so much of your income with a merchant services company like Uber and Lyft, our system is designed for driver success, and we help every step of the way.
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We Need Professional Customer Service Reps!

Come join our airport operations group, and be part of our transportation team.

We are a pround and diverse Equal Opportunity Employer. We never discriminate based on age, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, medical history, or life mistakes. Email us at and include your resume.
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Best Value? Taxi's Take On Uber and Lyft.

Never a Surge, and Cheaper by the Mile.

People are coming back to traditional taxi services as they discover the true value in consistency and transparency. It's not just about knowing a price vs having to shop for a better value and taking the time and energy to know you're getting the better deal. With vetted drivers requiring a serious background check and their vehicles complying with stringent inspection and repair regulations, the true value in using Yellow Cabs for transportation is far superior.

Winner!! - Yellow Cab pricing is 35% to 82% cheaper than Uber and Lyft.

Fighting for the Taxi industry.

Deseret News Article September 4th, 2022:

We can compete with
Uber and Lyft! Read more!

Looking for a great deal?

These discount coupon books can get you a 15% discount on regular metered rates. Buy online and save!

Town Car Service at Taxi Rates

In 2018 Yellow Cab Drivers' Association finally brought back a simple concept to the local taxi industry. What if you could supply new high-end model vehicles and offer Town Car service, but do it at affordable taxi rates? If you're a customer who prefers green transportation, we have you covered too.


All the ways Yellow moves you...

No matter when how or why you're going - Yellow Cab Utah has you covered.

For Android

The smart choice in rider apps. Global in scope - and used in 60 major US cities, CURB has many great features surpasing the competition - without the fear of unproven drivers and those rediculous surge rates.

Curb For iPhone

The smart choice in rider apps. Global in scope - and used in 95 major US cities, CURB has many great features surpasing the competition - without the fear of unproven drivers and those rediculous surge rates.

Portal Bookings

Harnesses the awesome power of The Portal. No apps, no profiles, no phone. You control your transportation. The perfect business solution for large scale transportation logistics.

Reservations online

We have you covered there too. On line reservation booking is what we do best. After completing our reservation form you will receive a convenient email receipt for you to double check your information.

Airport Taxi Services

Meet us at our convenient 9A booth and staging area for the fastest way off the airport. If you've made a reservation, we're holding it for you there!

The Old Fashioned Way

We have Customer Service Coordinators standing by 24/7. You can call us anytime and relax, knowing our high tech operations center will get you where you need to go efficiently and safely. Call anytime.

Some of Yellow Cab's favorite places and events

Salt Lake is an interesting little city with lots of fascinating history. We also have great hotel accommodations, places to eat, and plenty of night life. Here's a few of our favorites.