Yellow Airport Taxi Services:

Yellow Cab Utah is serving the Salt Lake International Airport.

Taxi Service at the airport just got a whole lot better! Booth Transportation Services

Yellow Cab has the best transportation technologies in Utah. Check in at our Luggage Claims Booths, and get off the airport in 5 minutes!

Downtown Hotels and Conventions

To or From the airport, up to 5 passengers per vehicle.We run the meter for your convenience.

  • Crystal Inn:Averages $20.00
  • Salt Palace:Averages $21.00
  • Little America:Averages $18.00

SkiUtah Destinations

To or From the airport, up to 5 passengers per vehicle. We run the meter for your convenience.

  • Park City:Averages $85.00
  • Deer Valley:Averages $94.00
  • Solitude Brighton:Averages $88.00
  • Alta Snowbird:Averages $85.00

Utah Destinations

To or From the airport, up to 5 passengers per vehicle.We run the meter for your convenience.

  • Lagoon:Averages $53.00
  • Hogle Zoo:Averages $30.00
  • Olympic Oval in Kearns:Averages $30.00

Time for the Greatest Snow on Earth?

These flat rates include 1-5 passengers. At Yellow Cab you're paying for the vehicle - not per person. We suggest you take the time to shop arround...

Park City $85.00

World class Olympic skiing facilities and posh accomodations serving the weekend ski party and families alike.

Deer Valley $95.00

Deer Valley sits at the top of the Park City Ski area. The crown jewel of Utah skiing.

Brighton/Solitude $85.00

Brighton is a Snowboarding Paradise! Solitude is quiet tranquil perfection...The best of both worlds.


Deep powder and steep terrains framed within the breath taking beauty of the Wasatch.

Looking for a great deal?

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Yellow Cab Utah, and taxi rates using the "meter"

Salt Lake City and Utah in general has some complicated transportation. How do you know whos got the best rates? Consider:

Yellow Cab Utah continues to operate under the old "Salt Lake City Airport Ground Transportation" regulations. What this means is we still operate our vehicles using the old rates set by the city. We offer a "Flag Drop" rate of $2.25, and the metered mile at $2.20. This transparent rate structure was originally designed to allow out of town guest some clarity in transportation costs.

Since the inclusion of the rider app in our market and the need to deregulate the control of the city's Ground Transportation system, things have gotten a little tricky when trying to figure the best cost for transportation. Whats the difference?

  • Rider Apps can offer cheaper pricing, but there's a catch. During Sundance Film Festival Uber applies their "Surge Rates", ballooning the cost to $480.00 for a one way ride from the airport to Park City. Yellow Cab Utah's rate for that lane is about $85.00 every day of the year.
  • Gypsy Cabs are far from transparent or honest. Many of them install meters in their vehicles so they seem like legitimate taxi cab companies, but they will increase the rates per mile. This means a metered rate from Yellow Cab of about $85.00 can become a metered rate of $115.00 in a gypsy cab. They will often use a "Flat Rate" as well and act like they're bargaining a lower fare, but in the end it will still be more than the meter rates set by the city and still used by Yellow Cab.
  • Shuttles and Transports are similar to gypsy cabs, except they use a "Flat Rate" scheme all the time. The deal seems okay, and they sell their flat rates as bargains. Keep in mind we often get complaints from customers who've taken a shuttle for transporation out of the airport and ended up paying more than the exptected metered rate they're accustomed to when using Yellow Cab.

The bottom line: please feel free to call our customer service staff anytime for estimates. If we're not the cheapest, we will be transparent about it. We're including some of our standard lanes, and what you can expect to be charged by using our metered taxi cabs. Happy Travels!

SkiUtah Destinations

To or From the airport, up to 5 passengers per vehicle.

  • Park City: $85.00
  • Deer Valley: $95.00
  • Solitude Brighton: $85.00
  • Alta Snowbird: $85.00

Wasatch Front Cities and Towns

To or From the airport, up to 5 passengers per vehicle.

  • Ogden: $95.00
  • Provo: $115.00
  • Historic Sandy: $50.00
  • Farminton: $55.00

Places of Interest

To or From the airport, up to 5 passengers per vehicle.

  • The Salt Palace: $25.00
  • Hogle Zoo: $40.00
  • USANA Amphitheatre: $30.00
  • Thanksgiving Point: $80.00

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Some of Yellow Cab's favorite places and events

Salt Lake is an interesting little city with lots of fascinating history. We also have great hotel accommodations, places to eat, and plenty of night life. Here's a few of our favorites.