All the ways Yellow moves you...

No matter when how or why - Yellow Cab Utah has you covered.

Portal Bookings

Harnesses the awesome power of The Portal. No apps, no profiles, no phone. You control your transportation. The perfect business solution for large scale transportation logistics.

Reservations online

We have you covered there too. On line reservation booking is what we do best. After completing our reservation form you will receive a convenient email receipt for you to double check your information.

Airport Shuttles

Click'n'Ride lets you see, chat, and get rides from our vehicles by the airport. Text the driver your terminal, and you're out of there!

The Old Fashioned Way

We have Customer Service Coordinators standing by 24/7. You can call us anytime and relax, knowing our high tech operations center will get you where you need to efficiently and safely. Call anytime.

Halloween Fun Rides for $5.oo:

Got some Halloween Debauchery Planned?

Join in the Halloween fun downtown and get your scarry on everywhere for $5.oo a ride. The Catch: You MUST be dressed to KILL so we can get a pic for Facebook and our blog.

Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen, voices whisper in the trees, Tonight is Halloween! Dexter Kozen

Getting around town for a great party event shoudnt cost an Arm and a Leg....Uber and Lyft will Kill your wallet. The best way to get around:'Fun Rides for $5.oo'...SCARRY!

Some of Yellow Cab's favorite places and events

Salt Lake is an interesting little city with lots of fascinating history. We also have great hotel accommodations, places to eat, and plenty of night life. Here's a few of our favorites.