Its a confusing thing sometimes. If you order a ride, what will you expect to pay? If you use one of those ride apps, the rate can vary - especially if its one of their "surge" rate days ($480.00 from the airport to Park City? SERIOUSLY?). And cabs seem to have different meter rates as well.

Our solution? Get your own estimate for a rate, transit time, and mileage between two points. Just follow the instructions, and you will know what an approximate rate will cost you. Just add 2 addresses in the fields below, then click the "Your Route" button. If the map shows the correct routing, then select the "Fare Estimate" button. You will get the estimate of a fare, the transit time, and how many miles. Always remember this is an ESTIMATE, not the actual cost of the ride. Below is small list of address for examples.

  • Salt Lake International Airport
  • 125 S 600 E, slc
  • 2650 S Main, South Salt Lake
  • 84119
  • Ogden, UT

1st Address/Town:

2nd Address/Town: